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We have decades of experience handling complex personal injury cases at trial and recovering maximum compensation for life-altering injuries.

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If you have suffered a serious personal injury, it may take years for you to recover. Serious injuries often cause debilitating pain and disability, which can prevent you from returning to work, causing your bills to pile up.

At The Law Office of Craig Leydecker, we have been serving victims of serious injuries in Louisiana since 1965. We have decades of experience handling complex personal injury cases at trial and recovering maximum compensation for life-altering injuries such as:

  • Serious neck or back injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Loss of limb/amputation
  • Severe fractures/broken bones
  • Nerve damage

Serious injuries can affect you for the rest of your life and they include severe medical concerns, high expenses, and emotional and mental trauma that may last for years. If you are victim of a serious injury, call us today for a FREE consultation, and we will let you know how we can help you get back to living the life you led prior to your accident.

Why Hire Us

After a serious accident or injury, you need an attorney who will not only understand what you are going through but also have the professional knowledge and experience to ensure that the right steps are taken to achieve the maximum compensation for your case.

From your initial FREE consultation with us through your case’s settlement, trial, or judgment, we will provide you with our experienced representation and effective communication that you deserve.

If the other party's insurance company is unwilling to settle for the full compensation you deserve, our lawyers are willing and able to take your case to trial.

No Legal Fees Due Until You Win Or Settle Your Case

When you hire The Law Office of Craig Leydecker to represent you, you will not have to pay us unless we recover money on your behalf. We want you to focus on the important things like getting your life back in order, getting healthy, and re-focusing your attention back on your family, while we handle the legal side of things.

For decades, our legal team has been fighting insurance companies on behalf of clients just like you. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you risk making a mistake that could lessen your chances for the compensation you deserve. Call our legal team today and let us begin fighting for you!

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